The following notice appears on the Halfords website:

Potential risk for Groovy reclinable system and Guppy maxi plus reclinable system.

Potential risk when used with excessive load, during extreme conditions, with incorrect use, and without the frame seatbelt properly installed.

Polisport Guppy and Groovy
  • affects only Guppy maxi plus reclinable system RS+ and Groovy reclinable system RS+
  • the potential issue is only when using these child-seats in extreme conditions as per example: big road holes, jumps and off-road ways with an excessive load than the one indicated in the product user manual – 22 kg, and without the frame seatbelt properly installed
  • both products are duly homologated and fulfil integrally EN14344 standard

See the full safety notice for more information

Safety Notice: Polisport – Groovy and Guppy child seats