Philips Avent has issued an official statement and safety notice following a number of complaints about possible inaccurate measurements by its Smart Ear Thermometer:

A concern has been identified regarding the information provided with the Philips Ear Thermometer (DL8740) and Philips AVENT Smart Ear Thermometer (SCH740) (“Device”), that if it were to materialize, could pose risks for people being measured (‘Patient’).

Philips has become aware of a number of complaints related to possible inaccurate measurements by the Device. Philips has identified that the risk of delaying treatment can have serious consequences for newborns (0-3 months), small children (4-36 months) and Patients of any age that may not be able to communicate and take care of themselves. In case a measurement shows a normal temperature value whereas the Patient actually has a fever, then that inaccurate measurement might lead to delayed or improper treatment of an underlying medical condition such as infection, which could result in Patient injury.


  • Philips advises users of the Device to only use the Device as directed in the instructions for use including the additional advice as per this Field Safety Notice
  • Philips advises users against relying on the Device as the sole basis for a decision seeking treatment and/or professional help
  • Users who wish to return the Devices based on the information provided in this Field Safety Notice can contact their local Philips product support representative


Users can identify the affected Devices by their model number. The model number can be found at the back of the Device as shown in the picture. The model number should always be SCH740 or DL8740.


If you need any further information or support concerning this issue or wish to return the Device based on this information for the continued safe and proper use of the Device, please contact your local Philips support team via:


Safety Notice: Philips thermometer

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