The following notice appears on the Elho website:


Elho urges consumers who have an Elho Greenville Planthanger (this is stated at the bottom of the planter) to remove this product from their (balcony) railing because this Planthanger could lead to unsafe situations.

It concerns the long and single versions that are available in five colours and have been on the market since January 2020.

Planthanger 1
Planthanger 2

Due to an error in the design in combination with a high temperature outside, the balcony hook can deform. This makes it possible for the Elho Greenville Planthanger to fall off a (balcony) railing. All other Elho products (including those with a suspension system) meet all quality requirements and are therefore safe.

Action for the consumer
Elho urges consumers who have an Elho Greenville Planthanger to remove the product and report this to Elho Consumer Service via stating ‘Recall Elho Greenville Planthanger’. Elho’s Consumer Service Team will advise you how to return the product and provide you with a refund.

Elho sets high standards for the safety and quality of its products and therefore apologises for this inconvenience.

Contact details
For questions, consumers can contact the Elho Consumer Care department on the number: +31 13 751 57 50 (during office hours) or send an email to

Safety Notice: Elho – Greenville Planthangers