The following notice appears on the Wowcher / LivingSocial websites:

Important safety warning

MBLogic deal ID 12441102 – LED Fairy Lights Curtain – December 2019

This product was advertised on site between 26/08/19 and 23/12/19

LED Fairy Lights Curtain

Description of activity
Product recall

Description of hazard
We are concerned that some of the LED Fairy Lights Curtains sold by MBLogic do not meet with UK health and safety regulations. We are recalling this product from customers.

Action required
We do not require this product to be returned but we ask that you stop using this product immediately and safely dispose of the product immediately.

We’re very sorry for any disappointment and inconvenience this may cause.


Recall: Wowcher / LivingSocial – LED Fairy Lights Curtain