Important Safety Information for Vigor Bathroom Drain Cleaner and Vigor Kitchen Drain Cleaner


If you have unopened Vigor Bathroom Drain Cleaner or Vigor Kitchen Drain Cleaner in your home, please check the bottle’s cap.

We have identified a small number of cases where the cap was not tightened correctly during production. This could cause leaks or spills if the bottle is not stored or transported upright. This is important, as Vigor Drain Cleaner is classed as ‘corrosive’, so the contents could cause injury if they come into contact with skin or eyes.

To ensure the product’s safety, please open any bottles of Vigor Drain Cleaner in your home and firmly close the cap tightly again. This will ensure that the bottle is correctly and safely closed. The product itself is of perfect quality, so it is safe for normal use and storage once the cap has been checked and reclosed.

Please further follow the instructions as indicated on the back label of the product.

For all consumer enquiries about Vigor Drain Cleaner, please email:

What should I do if I have already used the product?
If you have already used the product, the bottle is already properly closed and you do not need to check the packaging.

If you have not used the product yet, please open the bottle once and then turn the cap firmly onto the bottle again.

What do I have to consider when I check the bottle of Vigor Drain Cleaner?
If liquid has already run down the outside of the bottle, please wear protective gloves before removing the bottle from the shelf.

Place the bottle on a firm surface lined with plastic and hold the bottle with one hand to keep it steady to prevent liquid from splashing out as you open it. Open the cap with the other hand and then close it firmly.

What do I do if my skin accidentally comes into contact with the liquid when I open the bottle?
If there is unintentional skin contact with the contents when opening the bottle, rinse the affected area thoroughly with water. This should prevent any injury to the skin.

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