The following notice appears on the Argos website:

Tower pressure cookers

We have been asked by our supplier, Tower, to notify you about a potential safety issue with the below pressure cookers, sold by Argos between July 2014 and August 2019. These products have the required certification from the manufacturer to demonstrate conformity with requirements. However, test results have indicated that use of the items may result in burns from the steam, and/or, unexpected release of liquid from the unit and/or excessive heat in the handle. Safety is Tower’s first priority and they are therefore conducting a recall of all models which may be affected.

Tower pressure cookers

What do I need to do?
If you have one of these Pressure Cookers, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY. To help identify if your pressure cooker is an affected model, you can locate the model number stamped on the base of the item. If there is no legible model number on the base of the item, please contact Tower’s customer support line (details below) for assistance.

  • Tower 4.5L 22cm Pressure Cooker (Argos Cat number 238/9468) Model No. T90100
  • T90101 Tower 6L 22cm Pressure Cooker (Argos Cat number 249/9926) Model No. T90101
  • Tower 7.5L 22cm Pressure Cooker (Argos Cat number 239/1487) Model No. T90102
  • Tower 6L 22cm One Touch Pressure Cooker (Argos Cat numbers 239/2929 & 351/3305) Model No. T90103
  • Tower 4L One Touch Pressure Cooker (Argos Cat number 683/6773) Model No. T90114
  • Tower 6L One Touch Pressure Cooker (Argos Cat number 683/7507) Model No. T90115
  • Tower 4L One Touch Pressure Cooker (Argos Cat number 607/6715) Model No. T90117

To arrange for a free replacement, please click on the link below.

Tower Customer Support can also be contacted on Freephone: 0333 220 6091 (UK); 1800936069 (ROI) or visit the Tower website.

Tower will provide you with a returns label for free shipping at your local Post Office. Following the return of an affected model, an alternative model of a similar or higher specification will be delivered free of charge.

The safety of our customers is our highest priority. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue.


Recall: Tower – pressure cookers (various models)