Safety notice

Maxcom has detected a potential malfunction related to some of the power supplies included with a small quantity of Maxcom mobile phones delivered to the UK market during the period January-June 2019.

Defective power supply model: S100D

Maxcom defective

Correct power supply, model: UC006

Maxcom correct

The potential issue concerns only a small quantity of power supplies purchased from within the EU market, which were included with certain Maxcom products, delivered to the UK between January 2019 and June 2019.

In some cases, a short circuit may occur inside the power supply, which will result in the operation of fuses in the user’s electrical installation.

All other Maxcom phones and power supplies (UC006) are fully functional and do not need to be returned / replaced.

If you bought a Maxcom phone with the above power supply (S100D) you should stop using the power supply and return only the power supply to the retailer for replacement.

You can also contact an authorized Maxcom service centre for the replacement of a faulty power supply. Comtek Network System:

If you know someone who uses this product, let them know about this warning.

After discovering the problem, Maxcom has taken appropriate action with local distributors and retailers to reach and replace the faulty power supply with as many users as possible. Maxcom apologises for any inconvenience, but trust that you understand that customer satisfaction and safety is a priority for us and something that we take very seriously no matter how small the risk.


Recall: Maxcom – S100D mobile phone power supply