Mary Berry’s Salad Dressing 235 ml

Salad Dressing

The supplier of Mary Berry’s Salad Dressing 235 ml has identified that another product with egg as an ingredient has been filled and labelled as the above product that does not declare the presence of egg. This makes the product unsuitable for people with a sensitivity to egg.

As a precautionary measure the product is being recalled.

Best-before date: June 2019
Batch code: 7361

What you should do
Do not consume the affected code of this product if you have a sensitivity to eggs.

Please contact 01494 895507 to arrange a replacement sample to be sent out.

Alternatively, you can return the affected product to your local store from which the product was purchased, where a full refund will be provided.


Recall: Mary Berry’s Salad Dressing 235 ml