There are a small number of Tanning Oil products which have been packed into incorrect bottles.

The bottle is labelled as an SPF30 Dry Oil Spray but has the wrong cap so is easily distinguishable as illustrated above.

The batch number is 18086.

Malibu Sun Factor 30 Dry Oil Spray

We believe that there are fewer than 200 bottles, some of which we have already taken out of the supply chain.

We believe that the others are at Home & Bargains stores and it will not be possible to scan the barcode.

The normal SPF30 Dry Oil Spray will have an orange pump spray – not the brown flip top.

If you have purchased one of these products DO NOT USE IT – IT IS NOT SPF30!

Please contact us on 01923 289470 or Home & Bargains on 0151 530 2929.


Recall: Malibu Sun – Factor 30 Dry Oil Spray