Product Safety Warning

Handmade Personalised Beaded Wooden and Silicone Teething Ring from the Etsy and eBay store, Little You Baby.

Little You Baby are recalling the item because the item contains small parts which could come loose and would then become a choking hazard. All beaded teething rings sold by Little You Baby are being recalled.

Please remove this item from use immediately.

Little You Baby

Personalised Teething Ring with Silicone Beaded Ring and Wooden Animal Shape / Wooden Hoop

Sales locations (online only)
This product was sold through Little You Baby Etsy and eBay site from September 2018 and April 2019.

Item description
The items were handmade and most were personalised with a baby name (some were plain). The ring of beads were a mix of coloured silicone beads and plain wooden beads and threaded through the beaded ring was one wooden animal and a wooden hoop. The name beads were wooden.

The product name might have also been described as:

  • nursery decoration
  • beaded teething ring
  • scandinavian teething ring
  • baby sensory ring
  • silicone and wooden toy

Type of risk
Serious / choking

Reason for recall
The item contains small parts that could potentially become detached and then cause a choking hazard if put in the mouth of a baby or child.

What to do
We are offering a refund for all returned items. To return the item and get a refund please email us at – we will email you back with instructions on how to return.

If you decide to keep hold of the item, please ensure it is removed from use immediately.


Recall: Little You Baby – Teething Ring (sold via Etsy and eBay)