The following notice appears on the Kathmandu website:

Product recall

40634 Karinjo Child Carrier v2


In some units there may be one or two bolts missing from the hinge of the carrier stand which may impact the stability of the stand.

Carriers with this defect may be less stable resulting in an increased risk of the carrier tipping over when placing your child in or out of the carrier.

What to do
Follow the instructions below to determine if your Karinjo Child carrier requires replacement.

Correctly assembled Product

Step 1

Step 1: check left and right side

Step 2

Step 2: outer view – check bolt and washer are in place at top and bottom (you will need to pull back fabric to view)

Step 3

Step 3: open the front lower zip to access inside the carrier

Step 4

Step 4: inner view – check nut and washer are securely fastened top and bottom

Incorrectly assembled product

Incorrectly assembled

Bolt and washer missing

If it does require replacement, please cease to use the carrier and contact Customer Service on 0800 066 5018 to organise a replacement.

Contact details
Email or contact Customer Service on 0800 066 5018.

Recall: Kathmandu – Karinjo Child Carrier v2