The following notice appears on the Dunelm website:

Egyptian Cotton towels

Dunelm has identified a potential safety issue, we have therefore issued a recall notice.

In recent product testing, we have found that some of our Egyptian Cotton towels have failed their authenticity tests. This means that certain towels have proven to not be 100% Egyptian Cotton.

You won’t be able to feel the difference, but we know the difference and want all of our customers to get just what they have paid for.

The towels all have batch numbers and the ones that are affected are:


You can find the batch number on the label of the towel as shown below.

Dunelm Egyptian Cotton Towels

We will be happy to replace your towels if you return the product to any store.

All other Egyptian Cotton towels are unaffected and we are working with the supplier to ensure this never happens again.

Please return this product to your nearest Dunelm store for a full refund or for more information please email or call 0345 165 6565.


Recall: Dunelm – Egyptian Cotton towels