The following notice has been issued by the manufacturer:

Model Number: PS10


We have become aware that Micropower9 PS10 pedal power supplies, sold between 2011 and 2017 have a manufacturing defect that means they are not CE compliant.

Diago has determined that, in rare cases, this defect may pose a risk of fire or electric shock, possibly leading to serious injury. Customer safety is always a top priority at Diago, so we are recalling this product in the EU.

The models affected are marked PS10 on the bottom label.

If you have an affected Micropower9 please stop using it immediately.

Please submit your replacement request by completing thisĀ web form.

IMPORTANT. Once you have completed the above form, please return the faulty product, along with your name and address, to Diago or to your retailer.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Diago atĀ

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Recall: Diago – Micropower9 PS10