The following notice appears on the Argos website:

Cuggl Safety Gates
We want to bring to your attention a potential safety issue with a number of Cuggl Safety Gates (descriptions and images below). Extensive testing has identified that some gates may fail to consistently meet all the required safety standards, resulting in the brackets or wooden slats breaking under high impact – for example, regular banging or kicking of the gate, failure of the auto-close feature and / or the gaps between metal bars being wider than the required standard, which may result in a child getting trapped.

Cuggl Safety Gates affected
Cuggl Autoclose Metal Gate: Cat no. 7076879
Cuggl Metal and Wood Gate: Cat no. 7025112
Cuggl Wooden Extending Gate: Cat no. 7065426
Cuggl 7 cm Pressure Fit Extension Kit: Cat no. 7063868
Cuggl Pressure Fit Safety Gate: Cat no. 7036613
Cuggl Extra Wide Hallway Gate: Cat no. 7060225
Cuggl Extra Wide Adjustable Gate: Cat no. 6879613

Cuggle safety gates


Recall: Cuggl – Safety Gates