Our supplier has made us aware of an important safety recall relating to BCE Tip Cement (in the blue tube only), sold as part of the BCE Snooker and Pool Cue Care Kit.

The toluene content of this product may be in excess of legal safety levels (as set out by EU REACH Regulations) and may be dangerous and present a potential risk to anyone handling the product.

BCE Snooker and Pool Cue Care Kit
Cat no. 926/7318

Cue Tip Cement

What do you need to do?
Stop using this product immediately and keep out of reach of children and pets. If you still have any tip cement in the blue tube, please contact BCE via Freephone or email to find out how to return this product to BCE free of charge and receive your free replacement tip cement.

Freephone (UK & ROI) – 0808 1699114
Email – customerservice@bce-uk.com

BCE apologises that it has been necessary to recall this product and for any inconvenience this may cause.


Recall: Argos – BCE Cue Tip Cement