Product recall – unsafe product

Anime Republic Edinburgh – Cushions

Recalled product
Anime cushions (45cm x 45cm), sold since October 2017

The cushion pads are highly flammable and a serious fire risk. As a result, we are re-calling the product.

How to check
The cushion pads are unmarked with the required labelling.

The cushions were sold from Anime Republic, Waverley Mall, Edinburgh, EH1 1BQ.

The cushion pads have different covers and these are Dragon Ball, Miku, Naruto, One piece, and others which are similar.

Anime 1

Anime 2

Anime 3

Anime 5

Anime 4

None reported. This is a preventative measure.

If you have an affected cushion, please return it immediately for a full refund to:
Anime Republic, Waverley Mall, Edinburgh, EH1 1BQ
Telephone: 0131 557 1793

It is essential to us that our customers trust the quality and safety of our products. Consequently, we react as quickly as possible when we discover products that are not compliant with the legal regulations.

Anime Republic continuously strives to maintain and improve the safety of our products and to ensure that our customers feel safe in purchasing our products. If you have questions about the recall please contact Anime Republic by mail:


Recall: Anime Republic – Cushions