The following notice has been issued by the retailer:


Product Recall

AngelEye FE-F600-AE-UK

Extinguisher contained within AngelEye KSP-AE-UK Kitchen Safety Pack

Manufactured and sold between September 2017 – February 2018

There is a likelihood the fire extinguisher will not work. Faulty actuator (nozzle) may be blocked due to an injection moulding error, potentially causing a malfunction within the firing mechanism, which could result in some units not discharging the extinguishant. The faulty actuator (nozzle) is the yellow plastic part shown here.


Product Identification
Suspect extinguisher products within the kitchen safety pack can be identified as follows.


Each extinguisher has a yellow nozzle and is marked in two places to identify when it was manufactured. on the side of the extinguisher there is a manufacture year and also a series of white dots indicating the month of manufacture

One production batch of the extinguisher is affected, the manufacture year is listed as 2018 and there are 11 white dots on the side.


Blocked actuator within the plastic firing mechanism meaning the extinguisher will not discharge its contents in a high percentage of products

There is no direct risk from the product itself. Extinguishers identified as ‘SUSPECT’ may not discharge contents when used.

Action required
Please return your product to store immediately for replacement or refund. For any queries please contact the support line on 0044 208 310 3950 or email


Recall: AngelEye – Kitchen Safety Pack (extinguisher)