Next recalls Special Purchase styles purchased from Next Clearance & Outlet stores: 126073 – Birdseye Trouser, 137435 – Sapphire Blue Trousers, 192910 – Navy Check Trousers, 194661 – Grey Textured Trousers and 193842 – Black/Blue Dogtooth Trousers

We’ve identified a problem with the internal waistband and pocketing fabric containing a quantity of a restricted substance which exceeds Next’s specification.

If you have purchased this item, or received it as a gift, please bring it immediately to any Next store for a full refund.

We’re very sorry for any disappointment and inconvenience this may cause, but we hope you’ll understand that safety issues are a high priority for us. And if you have any further questions, you can give us a call on 0333 777 8185.

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Next recalls a range of trousers