From the European Commission Rapid Alert System:

Category: Electrical appliances and equipment
Product: LED ceiling light
Brand: JSG Accessories
Name: LED Panel Light
Type / number of model: Driver: XS018-18W, Luminaire : LP-R-15W
Batch number / Barcode: 5 060215 272079
Risk type: Electric shock
Once the product has been installed and connected to the main electric supply, the internal voltage may jump the barriers, causing the secondary circuit to overheat and lead to a fire. The outer parts of the product may become live which could lead to a potential electric shock. The product does not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive.

Measures taken by economic operators: Destruction of the product (By: Manufacturer)

Description: Round, white, LED, ceiling light panel – Input voltage AC85-265V, with attached LED driver – Input AC176-265V. Packaged in a printed cardboard box (20 pieces packed in a brown cardboard box).
Country of origin: China
Alert submitted by: United Kingdom
Risk level: Serious


JSG Accessories LED Panel Light Recalled