The following notice has been issued by the retailer:

Hunt cream coloured tubeless rim tape

Products affected
Hunt cream coloured tubeless rim tape for bicycle wheels
Hunt wheels sold pre-fitted with only cream coloured rim tape

We have become aware of a safety case affecting the rim tape used on some Hunt wheelsets delivered between May 2016 and May 2017 and cream coloured rim tape sold separately during this period.

This issue affects wheels fitted with just cream-white rim tape only. It is possible, over prolonged periods of use and under high tyre pressures, for the tape to deform until it makes contact with the spokes inside the rim wall, which can cause the rim tape to puncture and the tyre to lose pressure. This can happen both when using inner tubes or when using the wheels with a tubeless set-up. As with any other puncture, if the tyre loses pressure rapidly it can pose a risk of serious or fatal injury. We have very comprehensive communication with you our riders and always aim for the highest standards of safety data collection and safety actions hence why we are notifying customers about this issue.

How to check if your wheels are affected:

  • release all of the pressure from the tyre
  • with the pressure released from the tyre, push the wall of the tyre inwards away from the edge of the rim until you can see the rim tape underneath
  • if the rim tape is bronze/orange coloured, either bronze tape directly over the rim or bronze tape over a layer of cream-white tape then you do not need to take any action. You can re-inflate your tyres and continue using your wheels as usual
  • if the rim tape is cream/white coloured then you will need to order a free roll of bronze tape to apply to your wheelset

If you require a roll of bronze rim tape please contact along with your address and we will send one out to you free of charge.

ITS Cycling – Direct communication and the Highest Safety Focus
We are all riders here at ITS Cycling and as we supply and communicate directly to riders we are a company that has very close links with you our product users. These close links mean we are in a privileged position within our industry and can collect very detailed safety data and then communicate directly with you our customers about it. This is not always as easy for other companies as they often have several layers of distribution (user>retailer>distributor>wheel company) to pass safety data upwards through to the safety team, and then safety notices must pass back down the distribution layers to reach the riders. This is why it is more likely that you will receive these types of communications from us and be more aware of the safety actions we take.

We take testing and development very seriously, with full ISO lab testing and even exceeding these tests, real world testing, and full safety procedures and documentation in place throughout our manufacturers. However, some issues will only come to light after very prolonged use or, for very low rate issues when riders apply rare and unique conditions to wheels, hence why some design/spec changes are necessary after product release, there are lots of examples of this for high profile products from the world’s largest companies and we are keen to be open about this to ensure the highest standards of safety.

Source & More Info:

Hunt cream coloured tubeless rim tape – recalled