From the retailer:
We are recalling a batch of this product as a precautionary measure as a small number of packs have been found to contain pieces of a hard plastic like material. If you have bought this product please do not eat it.

Product Code: 45004 (All GB regions) and 75744 (Neston region only)

Barcode: 25269246

Batch Code: 10101701

Best Before Date: 09/04/2019

Regions affected: All regions except Ireland.

Customers are advised to return the product to the nearest store, where a full refund will be given.

What has happened?

As a precaution we are recalling our Southern Fried Poppin’ Chicken as a small number of packs may contain plastic. Customers should not consume the product and should return it to their nearest store where they will receive a full refund.

When did you discover it?

We first became aware that there may be an issue on the evening of 30th November. The issue was confirmed today, 1st December 2017.

How serious is it?

This is a precautionary recall. We have not had any instances of illnesses reported.

How/why was it allowed to happen in the first place?

Our supplier has strict controls in place and meets global safety standards. We are currently undertaking an investigation with them to determine how this has happened.

What should customers do?

Do not consume the product. All customers are entitled to a full refund if they return their purchased product back to store.

Who knows about this? Who has been alerted?

We have notified our customers and the Food Standards Agency.

Are your products safe? How can you be sure?

Aldi have robust systems in place for all own brand products. We work closely with suppliers to ensure that any products they supply us have been made in a safe manner. Aldi will be investigating this matter thoroughly and liaising with the relevant government agencies as required.

What are you doing to guarantee this won’t happen again?

We have launched an investigation with our supplier to help us understand how the problem occurred.

What e-mail/phone number can people contact with questions or problems?

Customer services can be contacted on 0800 042 0800 and

Further information can be found here.


Aldi – Roosters Southern Fried Poppin’ Chicken Recalled