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What has happened? 

Our Specially Selected Tikka King Prawns have been recalled from sale in our stores in Scotland and Berwick upon Tweed. This is a precautionary measure after testing detected the presence of Salmonella in a very small sample of products.
No other products or stores are affected and we have removed all affected products from our stores.
We request that customers who have purchased the products listed within our public recall notices from affected stores return them to their nearest store where they will receive a full refund.
What products are affected?

The recall affects our Specially Selected Tikka King Prawns purchased from our stores in Scotland and Berwick upon Tweed.
• Tikka Prawns (71733)
This product was only stocked in our stores in Scotland and Berwick upon Tweed. No other stores are affected.
Is this a UK wide recall? 
No. This product was only stocked in our stores in Scotland and Berwick upon Tweed. No other stores are affected.
What if I have bought this product?
Do not consume the product. Please return it to your nearest store in exchange for a full refund.  No receipt is needed and opened products can also be returned.
What are the health risks if I have consumed the product?

Salmonella is a bacterium that can cause food poisoning. This means the product is a possible health risk.
If anyone feels unwell then we advise you contact your GP or ring 111 for advice.
Are your products safe? How can you be sure?
We have robust systems in place for all our own brand products. We work closely with suppliers to ensure that any products they supply us have been made in a safe manner and to the highest quality standards.
Aldi will be investigating this matter thoroughly and liaising with the relevant government agencies as required.
What is Aldi doing about it?
We are recalling all affected products purchased from our Scotland and Berwick upon Tweed stores, and removing any affected products still on sale in those stores. We have also notified the Food Standards Agency of the incident.
How long has this been going on? How long until it is resolved?
We were notified on 28th December 2016 and acted immediately to remove any stock in store on the same day.
What are you doing to guarantee this won’t happen again?
Aldi are undertaking an internal investigation with the supplier to ensure this does not happen again.
Why are only your stores in Scotland and Berwick upon Tweed affected by this recall? 
This product is only stocked in these stores.
I notice that Aldi have had a number of product recalls lately, should I be worried?

The safety of our products is extremely important and we ensure the highest quality standards are met for all our products through a robust system of checks, audits and quality controls for all Aldi suppliers.
A recall is only undertaken where this is absolutely required and we do all we can to prevent these. On the rare occasions where our high standards are not maintained, we take swift corrective action on behalf of our customers.

Further information can be found here.

Aldi recalls Tikka King Prawns from some areas