The Team

Gino – Director

Gino is an ex-science teacher with a keen interest in using social media and technology to help inform the public on important messages. Gino most notably created and built social media followings for a science blog that reach a peak of 70,000 followers. He also designs and publishes board games for families.


Recall Alert

In 2016 Gino became a new father. A few weeks later he was in a large retailer, and saw a notice on a wall in a quiet area of the store. It was a product recall notice, that showed a major risk to children’s safety. Shocked that this was all the effort that had been put into communicating this important message, Gino started to think about how this could be improved. The following day in work, he spoke with his colleague Phil about the ways in which the message could be improved, and how this could become self funding. This continued to progress, with Recall Alert CIC being created by Phil and Gino later in 2016. The company is based in Cardiff and now connects with various groups across the UK, as well as engaging with some international partners.

Social Enterprise

Recall Alert CIC is a social enterprise. That means that while we are a trading business, we have chosen to create a legal structure that requires us to invest profits into advancing a social purpose. That social purpose for us at Recall Alert is to increase awareness of product safety recalls in the market.

A social enterprise also means that we’ve created an asset lock – a legal mechanism that ensures assets cannot be sold for personal gain. We as owners could not sell assets of Recall Alert, or even the business, for personal gain – we would have to transfer all these assets to another nominated charity or social enterprise. For us, that’s the NSPCC.

Recall Alert isn’t here with a view to becoming wealthy. It’s here to make a difference.

There’s plenty more information about using business for good, and social enterprises on some of the following partners pages
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