The following notice has been issued by the manufacturer:

A safety issue has been identified with a batch of Dimplex portable 10L dehumidifiers. A component on the printed circuit board may overheat, resulting in the product catching fire.

Affected products can be identified by the serial number, which is located on the product rating plate. This is accessible by removing the water tank.

Models – DXDH10N, DXDH16N, FTE10, FTE16, FTE20
Serial Numbers – starting with 501 through to 522
Date of manufacture – Between January and June 2015

Dimplex 1
Models – DXDH10N, DH212
Serial Numbers – starting with 0, 1 or 2
Date of manufacture – Prior to August 2012

Dimplex 2

If you do have an affected dehumidifier

  • STOP USING IT immediately by switching it off at the mains socket and unplugging the dehumidifier from the socket.
  • call our helpline on 0800 028 53 86 (Monday-Thursday 8.30am-5pm, Friday 8.30am-3pm) so we can arrange a replacement product
  • if you are affected by this safety notice, we urge you to contact us about this important safety issue as soon as possible


Dimplex – dehumidifiers – recalled

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