The following notice has been issued by the manufacturer:

Novo Nordisk A/S has detected that the insulin cartridge holder used in a small number of NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen® 5 batches may crack or break if exposed to certain chemicals, for example certain cleaning agents. NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen® 5 are used for insulin treatment by people with diabetes.

Replacement of cartridge holder

Novo Nordisk urges people with diabetes using a NovoPen® Echo® and/or NovoPen® 5 from one of the affected batches to replace the cartridge holder as some could be damaged. Please check your device batch number against the list of affected batches which can be found here:

NovoPen® Echo®  NovoPen® 5

The batch numbers are printed on NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen® 5 as indicated below.


NovoPen® Echo®


NovoPen® 5

Red squares show where the batch number is located on A) NovoPen® Echo® and B) NovoPen® 5. E.g. the batch number on the NovoPen® Echo® to the left is FVG7364.

If your NovoPen® Echo® and/or NovoPen® 5 is from one of the affected batches please click here to receive a new unaffected cartridge holder.

If you are in possession of a NovoPen® Echo® and/or a NovoPen® 5 with a batch number which is not mentioned in the list there is no reason for concern and you can be confident that the device will work as intended.

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NovoPen Echo and NovoPen 5 Recall

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